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January 2012

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We are very excited to announce we have received funding from the Vancouver Foundation for our Peer Support Program for 2012!

This funding will help train our peer supporters, who are available Monday through Thursday in our community room. These volunteers, who have experienced acquired brain injuries themselves, are trained to support new members, facilitate group conversations, answer questions about brain injury and refer survivors to useful community resources. They pass on useful coping techniques and share their experiences with other survivors and their families.

Thank you, Vancouver...

A gigantic THANK YOU to the United Way of Greater Victoria for funding our Community Connections Program! Our sincere gratitude for your continued and steadfast support of brain injury survivors.

This grant will provide brain injury survivors with support, training and volunteering opportunities that help them build the skills required to be emotionally, economically and socially self-supporting. This is so critical to our members and the broader community because it provides a safe environment for survivors to rebuild positive living skills and regain work experience while learning to deal...

VBIS will be closed on Thursday, January 12th for the annual Staff Strategic Planning Session.

SNOW DAY - VBIS Closed Due to Snow on Jan 18th! Please stay home and drive safely if you have to venture out.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports: BIG HITS, BROKEN DREAMS

"The long term impact of concussions is better known than ever before, and the picture is not pretty. Permanent damage to the brain resulting in depression, anger and chronic memory loss.” – CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Read More Here: http://sanjayguptamd.blogs.cnn.com/

Listen to Victoria Brain Injury Society Board President Stephen McKenzie on CBC's All Points West! Posted on Monday, Jan 16th, skip ahead to 6:12 to hear about the McKenzie family's journey through brain injury.

Click HERE to listen.


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