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May 2012

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Is the Purpose of Sleep to Let Our Brains “Defragment,” Like a Hard Drive?

(adapted from an article in Discover Magazine)

Why do we sleep? We spend a third of our lives doing so, and all known animals with a nervous system either sleep, or show some kind of related behaviour. But scientists still don’t know what the point of it is.

There are plenty of theories. Some researchers argue that sleep has no specific function, but rather serves as evolution’s way of keeping us inactive, to save energy and keep us safely tucked away at those times of day when there’s not much point being awake. On...

Thank you to CHEK News for wanting to learn more about brain injury and how VBIS is empowering people to find their own unique path to recovery and rehabilitation!

Watch CHEK News on Sunday, June 10th at 5:00 PM to see an all-star cast of VBIS members talk about our Walk & Run Program!

Brain injury is an invisible disability - who above has a brain injury? Bet you can't tell!

Above, an avid runner and brain injury survivor describes how the Walk & Run Program at VBIS has helped her!

Above, our Walk & Run Program facilitator talks to CHEK reporter about the positive impact physical...

We invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on Wednesday, June 27th 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at the Victoria Health Unit (1947 Cook Street). Join us as we celebrate everything the organization and its members have accomplished over the past year. There will be live entertainment, free food and engaging speakers.

Call Anna at (250) 598-9339 or e-mail admin@vbis.ca to renew your membership today. Your membership supports the valuable programs we provide to brain injury survivors and their families. It also...

Every year the Victoria Brain Injury Society hosts an Annual Picnic in August to give our clients and volunteers an opportunity to gather together in celebration of their achievements over the past year. Members bring their family and friends to Central Park, beside the Crystal Pool, to join in a light-hearted, fun event that creates positive feelings of hope and belonging.

Please join us, and bring your family and friends!