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August 2014

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This story highlights the importance of laughter, and of the vital work of organizations like the Victoria Brain Injury Society (VBIS) in our community. This story was written by VBIS volunteer Gray Leigh, as told to him by Andy L.

Andy’s Story

Laughter has been termed a source of healing in many cultures, a respite from the unavoidable and persistent trials that plague everyday life. The human condition has, since time immemorial, been defined by an eternal need to seize the day and draw out as much delight from each and every experience as one can. The ability to make light of the obstacles...

We have relocated today's picnic to the Victoria Curling Centre at 1952 Quadra Street! The Centre is right across the parking lot from the VBIS office. If you have any questions, please call our office at (250) 598-9339.

See you at 4 PM today :)