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A Bike Ride Across Canada for Brain Injury Awareness!

On August 12th, 2010 the brainStormRIDE reached its triumphant end in St. John‘s, Newfoundland after having started 73 days previous in Victoria, BC. I am pleased to announce that the brainStormRIDE has been a resounding success, despite the many obstacles that stood in its way including rain, snow, exhaustion, and isolation. The reward, both to myself and to the hundreds of survivors I was able to meet along the way, was well worth the struggle. As the ride progressed across the country,

I took every opportunity to promote awareness for brain injuries, educate those I met about the severity and subtlety of brain injuries, and to collect donations to support the non-profit programs that facilitate the rehabilitation of survivors.

Through interviews with newspapers, radio, and television outlets, I took the message of the brainStormRIDE to as many Canadians as possible. I was even fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bring brain injuries to the attention of federal politicians.

Of course, I would never have been able to complete the nearly 7,000 km journey if it weren‘t for the support I received both before and during the brainStormRIDE. Brain injury associations across the country opened their doors and their hearts to me by helping out however they could. Most importantly, I was able to begin establishing a network of contacts between all the associations I met with in the hopes of creating a comprehensive system to direct survivors, caregivers, and the public to the resources nearest to them. It is my hope that the brainStormRIDE will be instrumental in converting brain injuries from the ―invisible epidemic‖that it is to a topic in the forefront of Canadian consciousness. I would like to thank the Brain Injury Association of Canada (biac-aclc.ca) and the Victoria Brain Injury Society (vbis.ca) for their enduring support.

For more information regarding the brainStormRIDE, please see our website: www.brainstormride.org.

Brad Cownden

Final Stop

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