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Invisible Solution?

When looking around West Coast cities today, it's safe to say there has been a dramatic increase in those choosing to use a bike as their main form of transportation.

Many are opting to take the bike route due to increased living expenses, gas prices, as well as physical and environmental factors.

But even with there being a law for riders to wear helmets at all times and a possible $100 fine, we often see riders opting not to wear them.

Apparently good hair is more important than what is underneath. 

When searching online about the issues people have with helmets, there's an influx of posts that surface citing problems:

          -They block vision and hearing

          -They're uncomfortable and heavy

          -They aren't effective except in minor crashes (which isn’t supported by the reserach)

          -They're expensive

Two women in Sweden heard about this issue and decided to tackle it head on. They wanted something that would be comfortable, fashionable and most of all, safe.

Thus the invisible helmet was born.

Watch their video below and see if this new technology is something you would ride along with!



For more information, visit http://www.hovding.com/how_hovding_works/

Contributed by Kyla Habazin, 21. Born on Vancouver Island, Kyla is currently living in Vancouver, BC and working as the Assistant Manager at Heirloom Vegetarian restaurant. Kyla is a certified Health Coach and is currently studying Broadcast Journalism in the hopes of being able to create a platform to share her knowledge and passion for health and wellness.

Kyla Habazin


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