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Local chef, Heidi Fink, shares story of her concussion and recovery

Like many victims of acquired brain injury (ABI), when Heidi Fink suffered a concussion back in May she was left incapacited, unable to work or even take care of herself properly. Thats when her friends kicked into gear and made Heidi the happy recipient of what she calls a 'meal train'. While she was in bed recovering from her incident, her friends set up an ongoing food delivery system for the down and out chef, which meant she could focus her time and energy on recovery instead of the now difficult task of feeding herself that used to be as routine as... well, her work.

After now making a full recovery, Heidi is telling the story of her friends' simple but extremely helpful gift to her during her time of need and encouraging anyone with a friend or family member that is unable to care for themselves to do the same! We here at VBIS think this is an amazing idea and love the idea of fostering connection and concern for our loved ones in their time of need. Do you know someone that would enjoy being the recipient of a meal train? Now is the time to brighten their day and help them on the path to a speedy recovery! Let us know in a comment below how it went or if you want to organize a meal train for a friend; VBIS may be able to help recruit some alturistic souls up for the task!

Check out Heidi's story and the rest of her blogs and recipies here!

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