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Meet the newest member of the VBIS team - Jordan!

Jordan finished her Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of Victoria this summer and has a background in community work from working with federal parolees as a counselor to helping set up care and community arrangements with the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Center in Victoria. She is passionate about areas such as social justice, disability rights and advocacy and was herself born with physical disabilities and this is a big part of her reason for being passionate about peer support and the importance of it.

Jordan has lived in various places around the world, growing up in South Africa and the United Kingdom but she has been on Vancouver Island for 6 years and loves it here. Jordan likes the outdoors and physical activity she does yoga, rock climbs, swims and enjoys working out when she gets the chance. Jordan also plays guitar, stand up bass and sings and she sometimes plays with her family who are in a band called “Skellig”.

You’ll find Jordan in the Peer Support Room, enjoying her role as the new Peer Support Coordinator. A BIG thanks to the Vancouver Foundation for providing funds to make this position a reality.

Welcome, Jordan!

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