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Metaphors Of Brain Injury


This weekend I completed a 34.5 km, 10.3 hr hike as a physical metaphor for the exhaustion that so often follows after a brain injury. And I have to say by the end of the hike I was so exhausted that I was struggling to form sentences and certainly struggling to communicate effectively what I was thinking. Whatever I chose to communicate at that point, had to be important enough to muster up the energy to make myself understood. I can see why families and couples living with brain injury often find communication an issue, especially in the evening.


Along the journey we talked of many metaphors. For instance at one point we found ourselves on the “wrong” path and had to figure out how to get back to the main trail. We talked about how often the brain has to use a work around when the neural networks have been disrupted. It took a bit longer and was a bit more uncertain, but we made it in the end. I was also so glad to have my support person with me, as it would have been a long journey all on my own. A support network is essential when undertaking a huge journey like the recovery from brain injury.


One of these supports can be the Victoria Brain Injury Society. Providing assistance to those living and recovering from a brain injury. Please help the society to help those with brain injury and DONATE to increase their capacity to act as a support system. Because recovery from brain injury is a long way to hike alone!


Visit https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/victoria-brain-injury-society/journey/

to make a donation to support those living with brain injury.

~ Picture of roots from the hike, looks much like the networks of neurons in our brains.

You can also send in your own metaphors to help increase the understanding and awareness of brain injury.  Send your ideas to ed@vbis.ca.


Thanks so much for helping to make this invisible disability more visible!


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