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Sidney Returns to the Ice – At What Risk?

According to the article, “Sidney Crosby took a step toward returning to National Hockey League action Thursday, but the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar still faces a significant hurdle in his bid to recover from a brain injury.

Paul Echlin, a sports medicine physician from Burlington, Ont., advises patients in similar circumstances that they are at risk of sustaining another concussion with a similar or lengthier symptom duration. He informs individuals that have suffered multiple concussions, or that take a long time to recover, that there may be some permanent brain injury. The risk of sustaining another concussion is greater in these patients.”

What are your thoughts on Sidney returning to the game?

What are the benefits? What are the risks?

What impact is his brain injury going to have on his ability to play?

Did you know that Sidney’s brain injury affected his vestibular system, which controls a body’s stability and movement? According to the article, for months after Sidney’s injury “even the simple acts of walking with people around him or trying to concentrate while watching TV proved troublesome”. These are just a few examples of the hurdles brain injury survivors have to face each and every day.

Check out the article “Sidney Crosby can hit, but at what risk?” in this week’s Globe and Mail.

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