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TEAM VBIS Member Reaches Goal!

On Sunday, October 7th, Terri walked across the finish line at the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, having completed her first 8k race!

Here is Terri’s story, in her own words:

About three years ago I decided to be proactive regarding my health, both physically and emotionally. I started exercising in Sooke. I was referred by them to the Victoria Brain Injury Society. I started off using the dance program. I enjoyed this so much I used some of the other services as well, such as the arts, peer support and writing programs.

Last summer, the Victoria Brain Injury Society started a Walk and Run Program. I was so happy to be able to attend this group. I still cannot run but that does not matter. When I first started the group I could only go about one block. Support people walk with us so we can go at our own rate of speed. This makes me feel safe and comfortable. I am not worried that people will laugh at me because I am slow at walking. The group also realizes that there are good days and bad days, as we all have different stories, but some of the obstacles in life are the same. The group has helped me both physically, as well as emotionally.

Well, Terri reached her goal and was all smiles after finishing the race on Sunday.

We are extremely proud of Terri and her great accomplishment! Way-ta-go!!!

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