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Thrifty's Smile Cards renewed!

We want to thank Thrifty Foods for their decision to renew the smile card program for the Victoria Brain Injury Society!

The Thrifty Food smile card program raises funds for VBIS through passive percentage-based cashback donations everytime you use the card to pay for your groceries! The card is free to sign up for and benefits VBIS with no extra cost to you! Basically how it works is that you load the card up with money before you ring your groceries through at the till, and then pay with the smile card as you would with any gift card. At the end of the month, Thrifty Foods will automatically donate a percentage of your total monthly grocery costs to VBIS with no cost to you! This is not your money they are taking to donate, but is rather a donation directly from Thrifty Foods to VBIS, therefore you help us out simply by shopping like you always have!

For more information on the card visit our website page on the program. To sign up for the smile card, either come into the office and ask reception, or email / call us and we can mail you one right to your home!

Theres no excuse not to sign up for one, as it helps us create and sustain more programs through a steady flow of funding that we can rely on month after month with no added cost to you!

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