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VBIS Group Room Gets a Fresh Look!

Feedback from members indicated that although people benefit greatly from the programs held in our group room, they often found the room itself to be a huge issue. They found it difficult to feel comfortable due to poor lighting (which was giving them headaches), poor air quality and circulation, depressing colours and unfriendly décor. In addition, the tables in the room were...well, just plain ugly!!!

These can be significant issues as brain injury survivors often experience sensory defensiveness, in which sensory input causes a client to react in a negative way.

We were therefore very excited to receive funding from the Sara Spencer Foundation to renovate the room. This investment has enabled us to redo the electrical wiring and get soft, sconce lighting, and re-paint the room.

BMO Day of Caring volunteers visited VBIS on Friday to do the paining – and wow, what a great job they did! They also put together the beautiful table kindly donated by Seabridge Bathing.

volunteers painting

What was once a dark and dreary room is now a calming, relaxing space.

BMO Volunteers

These changes will enhance the learning experience for participants, allowing clients to absorb more information, therefore leading to an increase in successful outcomes!

Thank you to the Sara Spencer Foundation, United Way of Greater Victoria, BMO Day of Caring volunteers and Seabridge Bathing.

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