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Victoria Foundation tells Sandi's Story

The Victoria Foundation, funders of the Victoria Brain Injury Society's Coping Strategies class (which happens every Thursday from 11:30am-1:30pm and Friday from 10am - noon), have shared a story on their blog about one of our members here at VBIS.

Sandi B. suffered a brain bleed which led to what she describes as longterm "weirdo symptoms"  in her congitive functions. Having trouble grasping why her recovery that the doctors had promised her was taking so long, she eventually began to search around the internet to explain some of the symptoms she was experiencing. It was then that she stumbled upon the Victoria Brain Injury Society and all of the programs we offer to help understand and cope with the changes that occur after a traumatic brain injury. Since finding VBIS, Sandi has been able to continue on with her life, with a strong support and the knowledge that she is not alone in her struggle.

To read more about Sandi's story and other recipients of the Foundation's generosity, head over to the Victoria Foundation's website here!

Many thanks to the Victoria Foundation for their ongoing support of our programs; we couldn't do the important and necessary work that is required of us if it weren't for you!

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