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Welcome Leah, Our New Intake Coordinator!

We are so excited to welcome our newest team member, Leah!

Leah will be starting in a new role, as Intake Coordinator, on Monday, May 26th. She will be the smiling face you see at reception every day.

Growing up on a dairy farm outside of Vancouver, Leah followed the salt air to Victoria. After completing her Biology degree at the University of Vitoria, she fell in love with life on the rock.

Leah is very honoured and excited to be joining VBIS in her new role as Intake Coordinator. From her varied careers and interests she brings with her a wide range of skills, particularly those developed during her years as a Radiology Technologist here in Victoria. Leah first came to VBIS as a client in 2011, three years after a cycling accident left her with a brain injury. She feels very fortunate to have found a support system that has allowed her to grow beyond her brain injury. She believes a large part of that growth came through her time here as a client, and through the last two years she has spent volunteering at the society. 

Leah's goal is to help VBIS continue to be a safe, welcoming, 'home-like' space for individuals with BI. A place to be - or to redefine - themselves as they find the support and guidance needed to navigate, what may be, the biggest transition they will ever face in life. 

"What we do here is powerful. I know how hard it was for me before I found VBIS, and how much my life improved once I became a client. If I can be a small part of that kind of monumental positive change in someone else's life, it is a gift."

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