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Brain injury is like...

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Brain injury is...

  • like a computer virus. Your computer processes slower, sometimes it mixes up information, and its memory and capacity can be unpredictable.
  • the longest day of the year, every day.
  • like writing notes in the sand, and after each wave you have to start over again.
  • like waking up at 5 and not knowing whether it is the morning or evening.
  • like a fingerprint. Although they look alike, no two are exactly the same.



"Brain injury is like a snow globe: one minute things are calm and clear, the next minute you are in the middle of a storm." - Caitlin





"Adapting to a brain injury was like reformatting a computer manually – you have to load disks, programs switch around." 

Robin Bienvenu - Brain Injury Survivor



"Brain injury is like driving a rented car for the first time. You are in a new environment – you don’t know where the defroster is, you're not exactly sure which side the gas tank is on or where the hood release is. The more you drive the car and process all the new information, the drive will become more tolerable in time." Greg Goldberg - Brain Injury Survivor



"Talking about brain injury is like sharing fishing stories with friends. each story is unique but they have something in common."

Robin Bienvenu - Brain Injury Survivor



"Find the humour in the tumour"

"Not every day is rainbows and puppies"

~ Debbie - ABI Survivor





Everyone experiences their brain injury differently. This page is for you to share your words and images about how you experience your brian injury. If you'd like to share your thoughts on brain injury email ed@vbis.ca


This page was inspired by Barabara Erickson, VBIS former Executive Director and long-time supporter. Barbara is undertaking a walk for VBIS on July 4th. To sponsor Barbara and support VBIS go to https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/victoria-brain-injury-society/journey/





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