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Community Connections Volunteering Program

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The Community Connections Volunteering Program at the Victoria Brain Injury Society provides brain injury survivors with support, training and volunteering opportunities that help them build the skills required to be emotionally, economically and socially self-supporting. Brain injury can leave survivors feeling apprehensive about interacting outside of their comfort zone, as survivors often experience discrimination and exclusion and face challenges as people misunderstand or overlook their `invisible' disability. The program provides a safe environment for survivors to rebuild positive living skills and regain work experience while learning to deal with the challenging impacts of their injury.

The program gives survivors the opportunity to step into their community as trained volunteers with a strong support system behind them. Survivors take positions as Intake Coordinator Assistants that welcome members into the society; they become Peer Supporters that learn to link members with community resources; they facilitate groups and learn how to teach others about brain injury; and they engage with the broader community as event coordinators.

Community Connections fosters development of a healthy environment for brain injury survivors, where they can thrive as individuals and grow together in the community. Survivors often experience extreme loneliness and depression and can become isolated from family, friends and the broader community. Through volunteer experience, survivors gradually rebuild life skills, organizational capacity, communication skills and social interaction techniques. This empowers survivors to expand their boundaries until they are ready to become active members of the community again.

This program is generously funded by the United Way of Greater Victoria!

United Way of Greater Victoria Funded Program