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Family Support Services

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Brain injury affects families too.

An acquired brain injury can change a person’s abilities and the way that person relates to those around them. This often leaves family and friends with the difficult task of exploring their new roles and redefining their relationships. We provide support for family members and friends of brain injury survivors.

Support Group

Family support group meets the last Thursday of the month. The group is for friends and family members of brain injury survivors. The group is a safe space free from judgement for family and friends to discuss issues relating to brain injury. 


Case Management

One-on-one support for family, spouses/partners and caregivers of someone with an acquired brain injury.

Individual case management assists the family/friends to help a person with an acquired brain injury to maximize their rehabilitation potential and to live as independently as possible. It provides family and friends a private and more comprehensive opportunity to become further educated about the issues they and their loved one’s will be facing as a result of the brain injury. Although family members do not incur the injury, they are the ones often responsible for making a host of important decisions for their loved ones. Families always have many questions concerning their loved one’s further recovery, legal issues, financial issues, services and resources available and the long term implications of the injury.