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Grocery Card Donations

Grocery Shop AND Support VBIS!


Thrifty Foods


You can support the Victoria Brain Injury Society by using a Thrifty Foods Smile Card to purchase your groceries.  This program is a great way to support our society with no cost to you!

Please drop by our office and ask our Administration for your own dedicated Thrify's card. Only cards picked up from our office will raise money for the Victoria Brain Injury Society.

Here’s How It Works:

1. When you are at any Thrifty Foods store, before the cashier starts to ring your groceries through, "load" your card (by cash, bank card or credit card). 

2.The amount you load is up to you. Any unspent money stays on your card for next time.

3. Each time you shop, you simply present your card to the cashier to pay for your groceries.  The Victoria Brain Injury Society receives a percentage of the total "loaded" on your card each month from Thrifty Foods. 

This is a great way to budget and your receipt tells you how much you have left on your card after each purchase. 

It is also makes a great gift!

Shop at Fairway Market!

The Fairway Market Group has a “Community Card Program” and here is how it works:

1. Come by, or call, our VBIS office and speak to our Administration to get your card.

2. Load up your card at Fairway Market.

3. Purchase your groceries using your card.

5% of the value of your grocery bill is donated by Fairway Market to VBIS!

Shop at Tru Value and mention the number 39 when you shop to donate funds to VBIS in the form of gift vouchers. 


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