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Brain Injury Associations in BC

Campbell River Head Injury Support Society

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association

Nanaimo Brain Injury Society

Prince George Brain Injured Group Society

West Kootenay Brain Injury Association

Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association

(250) 877-7723

Northern Brain Injury Association

South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society

North Okanagan-Shuswap Brain Injury Society


Provincial & Territorial Organizations in Canada

Brain Injury Association of Canada

Brain Injury Association of Alberta

Manitoba Brain Injury Association Inc.

Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia

Ontario Brain Injury Association

Vista Centre Brain Injury Services (Ottawa)

Brain Injury Association of PEI

Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association

Bergeron Clifford's Ottawa & Kingston Associations List


Community Resources

BC Bus Pass Program

handyDART, Taxi Saver Program & Community Travel Training

Parking Permit Program

BC Ferries Information for Passengers with Special Needs

ICBC Autoplan Insurance Disability Discount

BC Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

CPP Disability Benefits

Brain Injury Program VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

Victoria Disability Resource Centre

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson's Centre

Encephalitis Global

The Cridge Centre for the Family - Brain Injury Program

Community and Legal Sources for People with a Disability


General Information about Brain Injury

Brain Streams

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide

The Secret Life of the Brain: 3-D Brain Anatomy

brainindex.com: From Concussion to Coma

The Dana BrainWeb (Provides Links to Brain Research)

Glasgow Coma Scale

National Stroke Association (USA)

Neuropsychology Central

The Perspectives Network (Great Links to BI Resources)

To You Who are Waiting while Someone is in a Coma

Community Brain Injury Program for Children & Youth in BC

Brain Injury Association of America

Center for Disease Control & Prevention - Prevention and Statistics

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources (Helpful Links, Tools and Resources)

TBI Talks - Greg Goldberg, Motivational Speaker and BI Survivor

Bowersox Law Brain Injury Resource - Tips for Parents and Teachers (Thank you, Jesse, for the link!)

Cerebral Palsy Group

National CPR Association

http://secondchancetolive.org/ (Thank you Craig for the link!)

https://www.swartzlaw.com/brain-injuries.html (Thanks Ron for the link!)

https://scribeschool.net/nervous-system-info-for-scribes.html (Thanks David for the link!)


Brain Safety

How to Ride Your Bike Safely

Head Injury Prevention In Youth Sports: An Online Guide

Car and Traffic Safety for Kids (Thank you, Frannie, for the link!)

Athletic Safety Apparel and Equipment (Thank you, Compton Community Center, for the link!)

Motorcycle Safety (Thank you, Andrew, for the link!)

Is a Helmet Worth It? (Thank you, Elizabeth and Patricia, for the link!)

An Athletes Guide to Concussion (Thank you Barbara and Lauren for the link!)

Urban Cycling Safety  (Thank you Carolyn and Claire for the link)

http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/bike-commuting-safety-tips/ (Thank you Sara for the link)

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