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Our Volunteers

We have over 30 active volunteers supporting the society, and we couldn't do this important work without them!

Volunteers take on a variety of roles at the Victoria Brain Injury Society, from front desk reception to group facilitation.

Please see our "Get Involved" section if you are interested in learning more about our volunteering opportunities.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give” 

~Kahlil Gibran




Dan and Andrea Volunteering

Andrea is a master's student studying Neuropsychology at the University of Victoria. She is fascinated by the complex relationship between our brains and our behaviour. Her interest in brain injury started in her undergrad, but her passion for improving rehabilitation strategies started with her volunteer experiences at the Victoria Brain Injury Society. Facilitating group sessions including the Coping Skills, Acquired Brain Injury 101, and Awareness, Choices, and Education program has been one of her most valuable learning experiences. 

Participating in these groups has taken her understanding of the intricacies of brain injury beyond the black and white of text book pages and coloured it with the real-life everyday experiences, struggles, triumphs and insights of individuals living with brain injury. She walked in to VBIS expecting to teach survivors what she knew about brain injury, and happily found that she herself would receive a vast education in an incredibly supportive community atmosphere. Her experiences at VBIS have been enriching in every way, and she has watched experiences at the society improve the everyday lives of many survivors.



Linda has been enthusiastically answering phones and greeting members for the Victoria Brain Injury Society since 2009. Linda was born in Digny, England and came to Canada in 1972. She has two brothers, Kevin and David, and one sister, Janet.

Before her brain injury, Linda put herself through hair-dressing school. In 1984, she was struck by a vehicle as she crossed the street in Vancouver, which altered her life’s path. Linda struggled after her injury and, as a result, she found herself hired and fired from 12 positions.

After years of striving to understand her new self, Linda has certainly found her niche in volunteering. Linda and her mom Luchille accredit her wonderful physician for her growth and progression past the frustrations of her brain injury.

When she’s not greeting our members with her warm smile, Linda loves to be out in the sunshine nurturing her garden. During her time spent at home she enjoys needlepoint, reading and listening to classical music.


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