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Please drop in to Peer Support, we'd love to see you!

A Peer Supporter is available Monday through Thursday in our community room. This volunteer, who has experienced an acquired brain injury themselves, is trained to support new members, facilitate group conversations, answer questions about brain injury and refer survivors to useful community resources. They pass on useful coping techniques and share their experiences with other survivors and their families.

Peer Support allows individuals who have an acquired brain injury to work through their challenges in a supportive and safe environment with mentors that understand what they are going through. We have found peer support to be an extremely useful way to help survivors deal with the repercussions of acquired brain injury.

Runs:  Monday – Thursday,  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Becoming a Peer Supporter

We offer a Peer Support training program to survivors. The Peer Support program benefits the volunteers as well. It builds confidence in a safe social setting and gives them an opportunity to practice organizational and networking skills.  Peer Support can be a stepping stone to paid employment, while also providing brain injury survivors with mentors to support them with their recovery.

We offer ongoing training and support to maximize our Peer Supporters’ effectiveness and the value they receive from their mentorship role. We empower our Peer Supporters as individuals to fully engage in their volunteering and to use this program as a catalyst for future employment.

Volunteering can help survivors cope with the effects of brain injury and give them tools to help in their own journey to recovery.

"Since my brain injury in 2003 the Victoria Brain Injury Society has provided me with hope and understanding, as well as giving me an opportunity to help others through the Peer Support program.

The society has empowered the peer support members to discover themselves through their program and through counselling.

I wish to thank them all for a second change at leading a productive life in the community"


If you are interested in becoming a Peer Supporter, please call our office at (250) 598-9339