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Jordan finished her Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of Victoria this summer and has a background in community work from working with federal parolees as a counselor to helping set up care and community arrangements with the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Center in Victoria. She is passionate about areas such as social justice, disability rights and advocacy and was herself born with physical disabilities and this is a big part of her reason for being passionate about peer support and the importance of it.

Jordan has lived in various places around the world, growing up in...

Thank you to CHEK News for wanting to learn more about brain injury and how VBIS is empowering people to find their own unique path to recovery and rehabilitation!

Watch CHEK News on Sunday, June 10th at 5:00 PM to see an all-star cast of VBIS members talk about our Walk & Run Program!

Brain injury is an invisible disability - who above has a brain injury? Bet you can't tell!

Above, an avid runner and brain injury survivor describes how the Walk & Run Program at VBIS has helped her!

Above, our Walk & Run Program facilitator talks to CHEK reporter about the positive impact physical...

Is the Purpose of Sleep to Let Our Brains “Defragment,” Like a Hard Drive?

(adapted from an article in Discover Magazine)

Why do we sleep? We spend a third of our lives doing so, and all known animals with a nervous system either sleep, or show some kind of related behaviour. But scientists still don’t know what the point of it is.

There are plenty of theories. Some researchers argue that sleep has no specific function, but rather serves as evolution’s way of keeping us inactive, to save energy and keep us safely tucked away at those times of day when there’s not much point being awake. On...

Today we are celebrating all 100 of our AMAZING volunteers! If you've ever volunteered at VBIS, or been helped by one of our superstars, please come down to our office between 11-1 today to celebrate!

"The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers" ~Terri Guillemets

Have trouble remembering all the awesome events we have going on at VBIS? Take a peak at our calendar...or better yet, just come in and visit us - we'd love to see you!

Have trouble remembering all the sweet events we have going on at VBIS? Take a peak at our calendar...or better yet, just come in and visit us - we'd love to see you!

Have you heard about the new Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program?

It helps low-income seniors and people with disabilities finance home modifications for accessible, safe and independent living.

Eligible homeowners, renters and landlords can receive up to $20,000 per home in the form of a forgiveable loan.

For more information, visit BC Housing’s website or call 604.646.7055.

VBIS is ecstatic to announce we’ve been selected as one of the 20 charities for the 2012 Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon Charity Pledge Program!

The big race will take place on Sunday, October 7th, which means we have 248 days to get the community involved in this great event.

VBIS will be raising awareness and funds by forming a Walk & Run Team and Cheer Squad. Victorians can support VBIS by donating pledges to the team or individual participants, or by coming out to cheer on the big day!!

Whether you walk, run or cheer, we’d love to have you on our team, so give Anna a call at...

Listen to Victoria Brain Injury Society Board President Stephen McKenzie on CBC's All Points West! Posted on Monday, Jan 16th, skip ahead to 6:12 to hear about the McKenzie family's journey through brain injury.

Click HERE to listen.

A gigantic THANK YOU to the United Way of Greater Victoria for funding our Community Connections Program! Our sincere gratitude for your continued and steadfast support of brain injury survivors.

This grant will provide brain injury survivors with support, training and volunteering opportunities that help them build the skills required to be emotionally, economically and socially self-supporting. This is so critical to our members and the broader community because it provides a safe environment for survivors to rebuild positive living skills and regain work experience while learning to deal...