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Do you want to help survivors of brain injury and their families? Are you interested in determining the strategic direction of an organization? Do you want to support and advocate on behalf of a community organization that serves over 400 individuals every year?


Whether caused by a concussion, car accident, brain tumor, aneurysm, stroke, substance abuse, assault or accident, acquiring a brain injury can have a severe impact on a person’s life. Victoria Brain Injury Society (VBIS) provides counseling, group support, education and advocates to survivors of brain injury.


Victoria Brain Injury...

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the departure of our Executive Director, Nicole Nelson. Nicole has been offered a position at an organization where she will be able to fulfill her life-long goal of working with First Nations communities. Nicole has been with the Victoria Brain Injury Society since 2011. She will be working with the Board of Directors to ensure the organization makes a smooth transition to new leadership.

The Board of Directors will be seeking an excellent candidate to take over the helm.

For more information on the job posting, or to apply, please visit

The Victoria Brain Injury Society is pleased to announce the 2015 Victoria & Circle Tour Art Calendar Fundraiser in partnership with Suzanne of Blue Heron Arts!

Earlier this month, the Victoria Foundation Vital Signs report came out, which outlines Greater Victoria's progress for the last year in areas such as Health and Wellness, Housing, Standards of Living, Environmental Sustainability, Safety, Learning, Transportation, and Sports & Recreation; it even has a large section on youth perceptions and engagement within our city! If you've ever wondered the volunteer rate in the city, or how affordable housing really is, then this report is for you! Take a look and let us know anything that stands out for you.

We want to thank The Victoria Foundation...

When looking around West Coast cities today, it's safe to say there has been a dramatic increase in those choosing to use a bike as their main form of transportation.

Many are opting to take the bike route due to increased living expenses, gas prices, as well as physical and environmental factors.

But even with there being a law for riders to wear helmets at all times and a possible $100 fine, we often see riders opting not to wear them.

Apparently good hair is more important than what is underneath. 

When searching online about the issues people have with helmets, there's an influx of posts...

This year VBIS has had the honor of being chosen by the Victoria Legal Support Staff Association (VLSA) as their charity of choice for their annual silent auction! The event is happening on December 2nd at the Comfort Hotel on Blanshard, and VLSA and VBIS would like to encourage anyone who can to come out and support the event! All proceeds will go towards helping VBIS and our many programs so we can continue to provide comprehensive and quality service. We want to express our sincerest gratitude to VLSA for their support, this will make a huge difference for us this year! You can read more...

This Sunday we are proud to announce our involvement in the 1st ever Backfit LIFE Fair happening at the Backfit Clinic (1092 Mckenzie Avenue) in Victoria! We are inviting you to Live Inspired, Free, and Empowered with us, so mark your calendars for September 28th! All proceeds from the event will go to support VBIS and our programs, so come out, bring your friends and family, and enjoy a full day of fun and learning! There will be interactive lectures, classes, and tons of local vendors to keep you moving and learning about all sorts of wellness issues.

Check out the poster to the right or...

Like many victims of acquired brain injury (ABI), when Heidi Fink suffered a concussion back in May she was left incapacited, unable to work or even take care of herself properly. Thats when her friends kicked into gear and made Heidi the happy recipient of what she calls a 'meal train'. While she was in bed recovering from her incident, her friends set up an ongoing food delivery system for the down and out chef, which meant she could focus her time and energy on recovery instead of the now difficult task of feeding herself that used to be as routine as... well, her work.

After now making a...

We have relocated today's picnic to the Victoria Curling Centre at 1952 Quadra Street! The Centre is right across the parking lot from the VBIS office. If you have any questions, please call our office at (250) 598-9339.

See you at 4 PM today :)

This story highlights the importance of laughter, and of the vital work of organizations like the Victoria Brain Injury Society (VBIS) in our community. This story was written by VBIS volunteer Gray Leigh, as told to him by Andy L.

Andy’s Story

Laughter has been termed a source of healing in many cultures, a respite from the unavoidable and persistent trials that plague everyday life. The human condition has, since time immemorial, been defined by an eternal need to seize the day and draw out as much delight from each and every experience as one can. The ability to make light of the obstacles...