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We hope you'll join us for our Annual Picnic on Wednesday, August 13th, 4 PM - 6 PM at the park beside the Crystal Pool.

All are welcome - bring your family, friends and a blanket to sit on!

See you there :)

Please join us for pictures on Wednesday, June 18th at 12:30PM! We want to get some great shots of our staff, volunteers and members, to freshen up our website, social media pages and our brochures.

  • Try to wear plain clothes and solid colours. Avoid logos or advertising on shirts, it distracts the photos.
  • If it rains we will find a spot undercover
  • You are welcome to bring your ‘support system’ for the photo shoot, e.g. family, friends
  • You will be asked to sign a Photo Release Form

See you on the 18th!

We wanted to take a little space to write a short thank you to the Rotary Club of Saanich for their generous donation to the Victoria Brain Injury Society. Pictured here is Nicole Nelson with Deborah Webb, a director at the Rotary Club of Saanich.

We want to thank Thrifty Foods for their decision to renew the smile card program for the Victoria Brain Injury Society!

We are so grateful to Harbourside Rotary for renewing funding for our Music Program. This program has become one of our most popular, to the point where we can barely fit all of the participants in one room!

The Music Program has numerous benefits for brain injury survivors. In terms of physical rehabilitation, using rhythm, pitch, vision and hearing enables clients’ brains to sing words that they aren’t able to speak. Music therapy also has the unique opportunity to focus on the client as a whole person with many abilities and strengths. This program provides clients with positive, successful...

This year a group of passionate VBIS clients and volunteers have decided to particpate in the Spring Sprint event happening at the University of Victoria on Sunday May 25th in order to raise awareness for the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada! 

The Victoria Brain Injury Societies' very own walk and run group that happens every Wednesday from 11am to 12pm decided they wanted to take their active rehabilitation further by helping support local organizations and causes. As a result they have signed up to participate in this wonderful event with the team name The Brain Stormers! If you want to join...

We are so excited to welcome our newest team member, Leah!

Leah will be starting in a new role, as Intake Coordinator, on Monday, May 26th. She will be the smiling face you see at reception every day.

Growing up on a dairy farm outside of Vancouver, Leah followed the salt air to Victoria. After completing her Biology degree at the University of Vitoria, she fell in love with life on the rock.

Leah is very honoured and excited to be joining VBIS in her new role as Intake Coordinator. From her varied careers and interests she brings with her a wide range of skills, particularly those developed...

Do you love parades? Want to be a part of our parade float on Monday, May 19th 2014 in the Victoria Day Parade?! We'd love to have you join us.

Just contact Anna, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 250-598-9339 or e-mail her here and she'll sign you up!

We would like to thank Island Savings Credit Union for continuing to fund our Families First Program.

Families First provides family members with a comprehensive opportunity to become further educated about the issues they and their loved ones will be facing as a result of a member of the family experiencing a brain injury. The program supports family members as they learn about rehabilitation, legal issues, financial issues, services and resources available and the long-term implications of the injury.

The overarching goal of our society is to lend a supportive and helping hand to those...

The Northeast Center for Special Care has released a document that outlines some of the benefits of music therapy session for those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury. In the document, Rick Shoshensky talks of the many benefits that have been documented through individual participation in the process of creating music, both in a group and independently depending on one's comfort level.

For example, music is an exploratory act of self-reflection, which allows the creator to build self-confidence through artistic expression and tracking individual progression rather than focusing on...