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In 2010, Caitlin Saunders was told she may never walk again.

But guess what? Against all odds she will be running a half marathon on October 7th, 2012.

Caitlin is a warrior. She fought every day, even when the battle seemed unwinnable. Soon she took her first step; then another; then another. Now she is aiming to reach her goal of completing the half marathon this Sunday.

Caitlin is going the extra mile, and she wants you to join her. She is spearheading a pledge drive to raise critical funds for the Victoria Brain Injury Society. And there is a great need. Currently, the Society serves...

How would YOU like to own this fantastic running shirt?

Start collecting pledges to support TEAM VBIS in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon and you could be running down the street in STYLE :)

All our pledge collectors will be entered to win a running shirt!

Send friends and family to pledge online here:


OR, create your own Giving Page at CanadaHelps.org and get your family and friends involved!

It’s EASY:

  1. Go to CanadaHelps.org
  2. Click on GivingPages
  3. Register with CANADAHELPS
  4. Create a GivingPage
    1. Type of Page: Sporting Event
    2. Page Title: Goodlife Fitness...

Thanks to a generous donation from LifeCycles Project Society, we have oodles of plums.

Come on down to the Victoria Brain Injury Society and grab a bundle!

People who sustain a brain injury experience multiple changes and losses in their lives. These losses become apparent in many areas of a brain injury survivor’s life when they pop up unexpectedly. Common examples include activities like making a quick choice on what clothes to put on or preparing dinner or meeting up with friends or going to work. The implications of these losses are personal, multiple, meaningful, and painful. Grieving these losses can assist people with an ABI to let go of the old in order to develop new patterns and horizons in their lives. 

This hands-on group is especially...

Watch Caitlin's inspiring story, as she goes from a wheelchair to training for a half-marathon. Caitlin is paying it forward by raising pledges for VBIS in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon!

Want to learn more about how YOU can get involved in raising pledges for the Victoria Brain Injury Society? Just e-mail Anna to get your pledge form!

We had SUCH a great time at our Annual Picnic yesterday!

We owe a huge THANK YOU to soooo many people.

First and foremost, our amazing volunteers...they worked tirelessly, and kept big smiles on their faces the whole time!

Also, to all the staff and members who helped out.

And of course, we can't forget the 15 businesses that donated all the yummy eats!


We would like to express our appreciation for the generosity of our supporters:

Arts Bakery, B&C Food Distributors, Cobbs Bakery at Shelbourne, Country Grocer, Fairway Market on Quadra, Market on Yates, Peppers Foods, Peninsula Co-op, Real Canadian Superstore, Red Barn Markets, Safeway at Tillicum, Save On Foods at Esquimalt, Walmart at Westshore, Wildfire Bakery and Wellburn’s Market.

We rely on donations from these generous supporters to make our events a success.



WHAT:  Victoria Brain Injury Society's Annual Picnic & BBQ

WHERE:  Victoria City Park, next to Crystal Pool (Quadra and Pembroke, opposite the Mowhawk gas station)

WHEN:  Wednesday, August 15, from 4:30pm to 7:00pm

WHO:  All clients, family members, friends of Victoria Brain Injury Society

WHY:  Meet old friends, make new friends, share food and stories, and HAVE FUN!!

We have the Island Savings Youth Team and Penny the Owl joining us for face-painting and games, to satisfy the real-age kids as well as the inner kid in us all!! With the children’s play ground right beside us as well, this...

Think of the last time you went somewhere. Maybe you went to the grocery store, to the park, or to the brain injury society. To get there, you had to plan and follow a route. Planning and following a route is called wayfinding. Research has shown that people with brain injury often have a hard time wayfinding, which may lower access to the community. But hand-held technology is becoming more advanced, and may help people with brain injury to plan and follow their routes.

With this in mind, a computer science graduate student named Nathanael Kuipers began his research on wayfinding in acquired...

There’s an exciting new initiative in Greater Victoria called the Community Action Plan (CAP) on Poverty

Over twenty organizations have joined forces on a campaign to make our community a more affordable and resilient place for everyone. We invite you to be part of this campaign. 

Click here to join the movement

The organizations behind the CAP on Poverty will be highlighting an action of the month and sharing regular updates full of opportunities to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.  If you’re looking for opportunities to be involved, or if you’re already working on...